Artist Spotlight on Joe Green (@JoeGreen_RSN) via @MissAtown2U

Prior to sitting down with an Atlanta favorite “Joe Green” I really wanted to know What is a real street n****?

Joe Green (I call him Joe Joe) quickly replied, “Basically a real street n**** is a ni##a that survived the streets and it made it out. One who took the street route, or the dirty way, rather it’s slanging, or cutting hair. One who had a great struggle but still overcame and provided for theirs by any means necessary, regardless of the consequences.”

Wow! I thought to myself Im sure we all have our opinions of a “Real Street Ni**a” but Joe Green has the complete genetic make up. FULL INTERVIEW coming soon. Check out snippet of interview :

[Video] Real Street Nigga

[Submitted By: MissAtown2u]

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