ATL Artist “RaRa” Drops Hot Freestyle on Sway In The Morning

One of Hustle Gang’s latest addition and standout artist RaRa hits Sway in the Morning while on the Hustle Gang tour and shuts it down. During this freestyle, he drops names that are synonymous with lyricism, artistry, and hip-hop royalty; such as, Outkast, Q-Tip, and Scarface. The part about this freestyle that makes it interesting was that he mentioned a possible new sub-genre of Trap Rap…he dubbed it “Abstract Trap Rap”. His freestyle showed a side of Trap Rap that most probably do not expect in this era of “mumble rappers” and if he follows in this predecessor’s T. I’s footsteps, he will show and prove. Press Play and hear it for yourself. RaRa has set the bar higher than artists before him, are we witnessing the dawn of a new era??? Only time will tell, until then we are keeping our eyes and ears open to what RaRa does next!
Dopeboy Ra

Checkout Pics of RaRa on the Move w/ Hustle Gang!!


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