Curv Droobln – “Soul”

Born in Boston and raised in Lawrence, Massachusetts, we’d like to introduce you to a promising new hip-hop artist Curv Droobln and his passionate new single and video “Soul”, officially out now. The menacing new video sets the tone with a spooky message on the screen reading, “…the devil doesn’t come dressed in a red tape and pointy horns. He comes as everything you’ve ever wished for.” From there, the song and video gets started and we’re introduced to the sound and voice of Curv, who’s got a lot to say.

Curv often cooks up some “reality rap” with his music, as his songs and videos are always representative of who and what he is. Whether that’s happiness, anger, excitement or frustration, Cruv has a way to make sense of the things we all feel, but aren’t able to express verbally, as well as he can. The best part of it all? He makes it all sounds amazing, sonically-speaking.

With a lot more in store, get lost in Curv’s new single and video “Soul” below!

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