““Kapp Aint Nun” Windsor Jones (@WindsorJonesATL) Ft Yung Ralph (@YungRalphWorld)

Windsor Jones feat Yb Rich P & JuugMan “Kap Aint Nun”

Atlanta, Georgia; Windsor Jones links up with YN Rich and Juugman on the fun and hype record “Kap Ain’t Nuin”. “Kap Ain’t Nuin” speaks on the various things people flaunt, but don’t have. One

of the funniest parts of this video is the intro as they receive a call from a supposed music label

executive offering to sign them to a label that only signs artist, but shelves them…why is this funny you ask?  Because it’s real. Almost everyday artists are signs to deal that mean absolutely nothing and all they do is fake it like they’ve made it. As the video and song continues you hear and see the reality of so many that live a life filled with smoke and mirrors, but these artists are determined to live their truth because “Kap Ain’t Nuin”.

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