Miss Atown Reviews Law G (@LawG100) Mixtape “Came A Long Way”

I don’t know if anyone has figured it out quite yet but it’s just something about the A. Since the 90’s Atlanta has made a name for itself for breaking artists into the height of their success. It may seem like overnight super stardom when it hits but when it does, it sticks. Good Life music group has seen Atlanta evolve and is by no means a newcomer to the industry, so when Law G opens up his mixtape with “Came a Long Way” it makes perfect sense.Law3

Without wasting a second Law jumps right into the rhymes with a perfect intro track that sets the tone for much of the rest of the mixtape: high energy, rugged lyricism, and contagious hooks. For the fan or the stranger just getting acquainted to his music, by the end of this freshman mixtape one thing will be clear—the grind and the progress are authentic.

The heart thumping bass that grabs your attention on the first track will only want to make you turn your speakers higher by the time you get to “Ghost”, the 1st single, which has sure potential to be a street anthem off the hook alone. With both Bigga Rankin and DJ Scream hosting the tape it’s only a matter of time before something catches fire.

But I don’t want you to think this tape is just about making a hit or something ‘hot for the streets’, in the midst of the turn-up, we also get a glimpse into many of his personal struggles from losing a best friend, which he dedicates the song “Ronnie”, and celebrating his mom being cancer free, which he mentions in “So Good”. “Tears of joy… have you ever had the feeling?”
It’s so easy for rappers to get lost in the industry and forget about the everyday people but the good thing about this tape is that you don’t have to be a OG hustler or fluent in Atlanta lingo to relate to it. We’ve all had days that can only be best described with songs like “Gotta Smoke”. The name pretty much says it all.

In a city were hometown artists so easily end up falling into the Migos or Yung Thug ‘sound’ it’s refreshing to hear an artist with their own characteristic style. Every song bursts with personality and is in no way shy of the up-tempo, bass laced beats we’ve come to know and love in the South. Tblack The Hitmaker is an awesome hands on producer. My only criticism is that after 13 tracks you’re left wondering how the time went so fast and where can you hear more!


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