Who Needs Jay n Bey when we have Wop & Key? Gucci Mane #IcyLilBitch

Who needs Beyoncé and Jay-Z when you have Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka’oir? Ever since his release the world has fallen in love with the newest power couple. And yes, we’ve heard Gucci rap about boss b**es but now it means a little more since he’s proudly booed up with Ms. Ka’oir. Icy Lil Bitch stays true to that classic Gucci sound that we love, and if you follow his Snapchat then you know that icy is an understatement for the jewels him and Keyshia flaunt. Guwop’s acclaimed post-prison album, Woptober, came on the heels of his first #1 album Everybody Looking, which released in July. In an untraditional move, Guwop debuted the video for Icy Lil Bitch just a few days after leaking the song, and in those few weeks it’s already reached nearly 1 million views. We’re still getting use to the new and improved Guwop, but it’s good to see his music hasn’t changed.

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