Stream: Alley Boy’s – The Interview

The Duct Tape Don has been outta the spotlight for a minute, but don’t think he hasn’t been working. “Man, anybody who know me, know that I’m gettin up and gettin at it everyday. Whether it’s about this rap shit or gettin this money or whatever. Alley a hustler & a taker.”

In fact, it was Alley’s taking mentality that put his career at risk a couple years back. Somebody caught footage of a bloody Alley Boy seemingly running from a confrontation. What were the facts behind the video? What really happened? True to the code, Alley didn’t talk publicly about the alleged robbery gone bad. “Man, shit happens. I ain’t talk about that shit because it wasn’t a public issue. If you notice, ain’t nobody ever confronted me bout that incident. The dudes in the video never bragged bout it. They ain’t been heard from since. Niggaz who really do this shit know. The internet undefeated tho. Them fuckin trolls vicious. LOL. Lookin back at it, that online shit was funny af. I still be wishin I could run into a few of them keyboard warriors in real life tho. Frfr.”

The closest thing to an explanation, Alley Boy gives us “The Interview” produced by Taliban. provides the jazz influenced broody soundtrack for Alley to do his equivalent of explaining. A known pessimist, Alley sees a bright side for himself in today’s music scene. “Ain’t too many rappers really speaking for the trenches. That’s all I got in my DNA. The streets of Atlanta in my blood. The real Atlanta tho. Not that other shit.”

A fully focused Alley Boy ended 2017 with multiple guest appearances, most notably on the hook of Eastside Jody & Boosie Badazz’s “Work Hard” and now enters 2018 with certified heat in “The Interview”! Answers a lotta questions for us, but maybe the Feb. 9th release of the full-length Alley God is gonna require more interviews.

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