[Video] Tommy Swisher (@HitommySwisher) – Diamonds Last Forever

The newest independent iconic figure in Atlanta, Tommy Swisher dropped his Interlude “Diamonds Last Forever” this week. While, Tommy in his past videos has left us in a psychedelic trance or put us in a certain mood; he’s done it again. His latest hit “Diamonds Last Forever” uses minimal props, a little liquor, wild dance moves, beautiful colorful women and of course Tommy himself. The record is very catchy and repetitive. I could see this working perfecting in the very beginning or middle of an Album or EP. The video gives off a drug induced, liquored up feel that just makes you want to nod your head and dance the night away. This one is definitely one for all of the ladies. I love how simple yet effective this video is. Tommy Swisher is a genius. For any hip hop lovers, I recommend Tommy Swisher. Tommy is a unique soul; he’s got music for everyone.

Connect w/ Tommy Swisher:
Social Media:
Twitter: @HitommySwisher
IG: @HitommySwisher
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TommySwisher
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/tommyswisher

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