Vito (@DNE_VITO) Presents….. BMT$ “Bring Me Tha Cash”

Rap Rules: If any part of the track is screwed, the song will probably go hard. With that said, as soon as this track comes on, be prepared to jam. BMT$ is one of the latest releases by Vito who has been riding a wave since performing at the A3C fest in October. This high energy track is definitely a fan favorite and club banger. One of the best things about Vito’s music is that it has its own sound.vito2

With the rise of the ringtone rap and auto tune, a lot of artists were getting drowned out by the same sound. Somewhere in music industry history, creativity got exchanged for “whatever’s popping”. Luckily, for Vito his upbringing in the Midwest and the South give him a unique style that is yet to be imitated. BMT$ is just a teaser of what to expect next, so get acquainted.

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