Vito (@DNE_VITO) Presents….. BMT$ “Bring Me Tha Cash”

Rap Rules: If any part of the track is screwed, the song will probably go hard. With that said, as soon as this track comes on, be prepared to jam. BMT$ is one of the latest releases by Vito who has been riding a wave since performing at the A3C fest in October. This high energy track is definitely a fan favorite and club banger. One of the best things about Vitoโ€™s music is that it has its own sound.vito2

With the rise of the ringtone rap and auto tune, a lot of artists were getting drowned out by the same sound. Somewhere in music industry history, creativity got exchanged for โ€œwhateverโ€™s poppingโ€. Luckily, for Vito his upbringing in the Midwest and the South give him a unique style that is yet to be imitated. BMT$ is just a teaser of what to expect next, so get acquainted.